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Biology Part Ii (zoology)-practicals

Microscopic Observation

Observation of culture particularly for Paramecium (permanent slide also to be observed) and identification of other micro-organisms with the aid of books and making their drawings.

Aim Preparation of protozoan culture and identification of Paramecium and other micro organisms.

Experiment :

> Take one litre of water from a fresh water body like pond, pool etc and boil it.

> To the boiling water, add a handful of finely cut hay and continue to boil for another ten minutes.

> The mixture is then allowed to cool and is kept aside for two days

> A small quantity of pond water is collected and added to the above culture. Since the pond water contains protozoans they start multiplying within four to five days.

> After five days, take a drop of the above culture on a clean slide and observe under compound microscope, under both low and high power.

Observation : A large number of Paramecia are seen along with other microorganisms.


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