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Online chemistry help is now only a click away with TutorNext online tutoring. When you subscribe to TutorNext, you get help chemistry tutorial on a virtual whiteboard with live expert chemistry tutor on the other side. The whiteboard has a variety of tools that enable the tutor to show you step-by-step how to solve a tough chemistry problem. Meanwhile, the two of you discuss the steps in a separate chatting area. Our tutors are friendly and willing to help you find the chemistry answers you need.

TutorNext tutors undergo rigorous training in the best tutoring techniques, and they are all experts in the area you have chosen. We have tutors with credentials in math, science, and English, and specially trained to work with students across K-12 as well as college-level students.

Chemistry Tutoring - Just a Click Away

Chemistry is a complex and challenging subject, requiring students to understand mathematical formulas, lab procedures, chemical reactions, and more. But, with the right tutor, you can get a handle on chemistry. A good tutor can explain concepts, help you master formulas, and go through complicated chemistry problems with you. Your confidence will grow. If chemistry seems boring to you at first, once you know your way around it, you'll actually find yourself having fun!

Follow these three simple steps to get an expert online:

Step 1: Subscribe to TutorNext

Step 2: Login to your account and click on book a session next to the area of chemistry you're studying

Step 3: Select an online tutor and start your session.

Try the service to feel the difference!

In addition toonline tutoring, we offer all kinds of chemistry homework help. You may have a pile of homework, but with a TutorNext tutoring subscription, you'll find yourself working through that pile in a lot less time. Reading your chemistry textbook may seem difficult, but when you can come online and ask a tutor to explain something whenever you get confused, your textbook will start to feel like your friend!

There are a number of advantages to our program:

1. If you like a particular tutor, you specify that tutor as your favorite and work with him or her next time you log in.

2. Our tutors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can get help whenever you need it.

3. Our tutoring sessions are wholly interactive. You get to ask questions whenever you need to!

4. We use a unique virtual whiteboard that allows you to visualize elements of the problem as your tutor works with you to solve it.

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College Chemistry Help

College students, do not fear that your chemistry problems will be too complex for our tutors. We have tutors who are experts in chemistry at the college level, too!

We offer help in the following chemistry subjects: Atomic and Molecular Structure, Chemical Bonds, Conservation of Matter and Stoichiometry, Acids, Bases and Solutions, Chemical Thermodynamics, Gases and their Properties, Reaction Rates and Chemical Equilibrium, Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Nuclear Processes. Bring your questions from the text and lecture notes, your chemistry problems, and any lab projects you're working on to our virtual whiteboard and get nerve-calming help from an expert online chemistry tutor.

Free Chemistry Help with an Expert Chemistry Tutor

Try our online tutoring program for free. Click on the chat box to start the discussion and get a free demo of what a chemistry tutoring session at TutorNext is really like. You'll get to see the virtual whiteboard, the chat area, and a chemistry problem worked on the board for your. You'll get to ask questions of one of our expert tutors. Just specify what grade level you're working at when the demo agent comes online, and we'll connect you with a chemistry expert at your level. Once you've tried the service, you'll want to subscribe for full, 24/7 access to our tutoring service.