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Frequently Asked Questions

In what subjects do TutorNext tutors provide tutoring?

TutorNext tutors can helo you with basic arithmetic, number concepts, geometry, algebra, statistics, probability, chemistry, biology, and physics. They also offer help in English-related subjects: reading vocabulary, literary response, writing, listening and speaking English, and reading comprehension. You can also get help studying for your standardized tests with TutorNext. Our tutors offer help with subject-specific ACT, SAT, and AP tests, as well as with the CAHSEE, both math and language arts. We also offer tutoring in Microsoft Office. Finally, you can get a review of your essay draft by clicking the "Review my essay" button on the student dashboard.

Can i get a sample tutoring session with TutorNext before i buy tutoring?

Yes! Simply click on the free session link from the home page. Or, type your question into the chat box available on any of the subject information pages.

Will TutorNext tutors do my writing assignments for me?

No. TutorNext tutors are here to help you get better at your writing. You will get guided help brainstorming, outlining, and developing your ideas for essays. By doing these activities with the guidance of our experienced tutors, you will gain confidence in your ability to do the work yourself.

How much does TutorNext tutoring cost?

See https://payments.tutornext.com/buynow/checkout/ for pricing.

Does my tutoring fee cover all subjects?

yes. Once you've paid, you can recieve tutoring in any of the available subjects.

Can i have the same tutor the next time i come back to TutorNext?

Yes. After a session with a tutor you like, you can select that tutor as one of your preferred tutors. You can book sessions with your preferred tutors from your student dashboard.

How do i prepare for a TutorNext tutoring session?

If you're working on math or science, try your best to solve the problem you have before coming to the session. Then you can show the tutor what you've done and get guidance on your next steps.

If you're working on a writing assignment, be ready to paste in the exact wording of your writing assignment. Tell your tutor what stage of the writing process you've gotten to and what problem you're having getting past it. This will help your tutor know what kind of help you need.

What qualifications do TutorNext tutors have?

TutorNext tutors have a degree in the subject area of their specialization. In addition, they have undergone extensive screening and training to become certified TutorNext tutors.

How is my privacy protected when i work with TutorNext tutor?

See //www.tutornext.com/privacy.php for TutorNext's privacy policy.