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Addition and Subtraction

Addition is the mathematical operation that gives sum of two or more numbers.

In other words, addition is the act of putting things together.

Result in addition is called Sum.

It is denoted by the symbol "+ ".


Sum of four and three is seven.

Four plus five gives nine.


addition illustration

Putting four squares with three circles we get a collection of seven objects together.

4 + 3 = 7

Important property of addition

Important property of addition is sum of any number with zero is the same number.

Example: 5 + 0 = 5

100 + 0 =100

The next important property of addition is the commutative property of addition.

Commutative Property of Addition

Commutative property of addition states that the additions of any two numbers are same even if we change their orders. This illustration helps us to understand this property better.

commutative property of addition


Subtraction is the mathematical expression that gives difference between two numbers or quantities. Subtraction is the act of removing a part from the whole.

Subtraction is used to find “how many left” or “how many more or less” from the total.

Subtraction is denoted by the symbol “-“(minus)


subtraction illustration


When we subtract 1 from 5 we get 4

10 minus 6 is 4.

Subtraction is very useful in comparing two like quantities.


If a man weighs 190 pounds and loss a weigh of 10 pounds then the weight of the man is 190 – 10 = 180 pounds.

Subtraction is useful in finding the difference between two locations.

subtraction uses

Distance between AB is 600 units.

Distance between BC is 100 units

Distance between AC is 600-500=100 units

Subtraction Properties

  1. When we subtract 0 from any number we get the same number.

Example: 5 - 0 = 5

90 - 0 = 90

2. When we subtract a number from the same number we get 0.

Example: 87 - 87 = 0

4 - 4 = 0

3. Always the smallest number is subtracted from the bigger number.

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