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Analyzing and Displaying Data

There are two common methods of displaying data are

1) Line plots

2) Stem-and-leaf plots.

Data are analyzed most often by frequency and central tendency. The frequency is the number of times an individual element occurs within the data. Central tendency consists of the mean (the average of the elements in the data), median (the middle most number when the data are arranged numerically), and mode (the number that occurs the most).

How to Draw Line Plots

  1. Drawing a number line and label it.
  2. Choosing a scale which includes the range of values in the data from least to greatest.
  3. Choosing an interval and divide the number line into these intervals.
  4. Drawing the line plot making a mark above the number line to show each item in the data.

Example of the line plot

  1. Draw a line plot for this data : 20,60,70,90,50,20,60,20,70,20.

Sol: Values range from 20 to 90, so the scale on the number of the line includes these values.

An interval of 10 fits this data.

Number line

How to Draw Steam and leaf plot

The greatest common place-value of the data is used to form the stems. The numbers in the greatest place - value position are then used to form the leaves.

Topics in Analyzing and Displaying Data