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Geometry and Measurement

Geometry is one of the major part in mathematics helps in constructing the figures with different angles and finding slope of line etc.The following are sub topics involved in high grade Geometry:




Basic Geometric features.

Time is an entity which is used to calculate the duration i.e.(in hours, minutes and second). This is also used in terms of months and years while calculating the interest rates(simple and compound interest), and it is used in many forms to mainly to calculate duration. Time is usually specified using the terms such as hours, minutes and seconds, which places an important role in calculating time. Time is represented generally as


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Money is some thing through which we can buy some goods, and through which we can also get some goods for our usage. We generally sell goods to earn money and we earn that money for our own purpose or usage (to buy our own assets). Present world market (selling and buying) is running because of money and it became one of the important asset for human, we generally represent money in form of currency exchange (dollars etc), assets, accounts, sort of value etc. Interest rates are included in this.

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Geometry is the study of basic features of basic terms like point, line, line segment, ray, plane, space, angle, solid shapes. point exactly looks like a dot. There is no length or width for a point. Degree is denoted as a small circle after the numerical value. Plane is defined as the leveled flat smooth surface. Space is formed by the infinite number of planes.

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