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Basics of Algebra and Functions

The basics of algebra and funtions plays an important role in math for solving equation and to find sets of relations etc. The topics involved in it are:



Sets and relation

The equation is a statement which is used to make two values or expressions equal. These are used to find out the relation between two variables or values. This is used to translate a word problem into mathematical problem, it consists of mathematical expression with variables and constant it contains the equality sign, Left hand side should be equal to right hand side to satisfy the property.

Commutative is the property that changing the order of something does not change the end result.

Associative includes two or more numbers can be multiplied each other, to give the product value.

Left associative operation is a non-associative operation, which can be evaluated from left to right.

Right associative operation can be evaluated from right to left.

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The operations which we use are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Addition is a mathematical operation that represents combining collections of objects and digits together into a larger collection. It is denoted by plus sign (+).

Subtraction is a one of four mathematical operations that represents difference of objects and digits together into a smaller collection. It is denoted by plus minus (-).

In mathematics, especially in elementary arithmetic, division is the arithmetic operation one among 4 arithmetic operations and it is the inverse of multiplication.

Sets and Relation

Set is a collection of distinct objects in the given objects. Suppose their are to set A and B and if every member of set A is also a member of set B, then A is said to be a subset of B, written A ? B.Set of all sub set is called power set. They are many fundamental operations which can be performed on sets and can be denoted with different symbols in sets.The relation between two sets can be identified by Venn diagram.

Relation is any subset of a Cartesian product. If a subset of AXB, called a "binary relation from A to B," is a collection of ordered pairs from (a,b) with first components from A and second components from B,they are related to ecah other.Subset of A×A is called a "relation on A."