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Dividing Decimals

Students can learn about Dividing decimals here. The Dividing decimals topic deals with operations like decimal addition, decimal subtraction, decimal multiplication and decimal division conducted upon decimals. The students can get all the help required with understanding the steps and implementing them to solve problems on their own.

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Division of Decimals

Division of decimals involves certain steps and rules to be followed. Decimals are a number which indicates the number with the point representation. In decimal number we have the point indication in between the numbers. From left to right we have the point value such as tens, hundreds, thousands etc.

Decimal division can be conducted in 3 ways based upon the type of numbers involved:

  • Division with whole numbers
  • Division with another decimal
  • Division with fractions

With whole numbers and fractions, they are first converted to the decimal form and the operation of division is conducted.

Dividing Decimals Calculator

Divide decimal number by another decimal number.

Decimals are divided in the same way as we divided the whole numbers but the decimal point should be located in proper place of the quotient.

1) In order to make the Divisor to whole number we should move the decimal point to the right unless it is a whole number.

2) And then moving the decimal point in the dividend to the right side as same as the decimal point was moved to make the divisor to a whole number.

3) Finally, dividing the new dividend by new divisor.

Examples on Division of Decimals

1) 76.68 ÷ 0.36

sol: = 76.68 / 0.36

Moving decimal

= 7668.00 / 36.00 (Moving the decimal point by 2 places to the right).

= 7668 / 36 (Dividing by 36)

= 213

Dividing procedure

36) 7668 ( 213







Note: 1) Moving the decimal point to the 2 places to the right so that we could divide by a whole number.

2) Moving the decimal point to the 2 places to the right is same as multiplying 100/100.

2) 0.4232 ÷ 0.18

sol: = 0.4232/0.18

= 42.32/18 (Moving the decimal point by 2 places to the right).

= 2.351

3) 7.5 ÷ 2.5

sol: = 7.5/2.5

= 75/25 (Moving the decimal point by 1 place to the right to both Dividend and divisor).

= 3

4) 6.628 ÷ 5.3

sol: = 6.628/5.3

= 66.28/53 (Moving the decimal point by 1 place to the right).

= 1.250