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Exponential Form

Students can learn about the Exponential form here.They can solve problems based on the methodology explained in the solved examples.

In Algebra, the study of working with algebraic equations and variables is an important topic. The study of exponents is also an important topic. The Exponential form is a way of expressing variables. It has 2 components:

  • The Base- which could be a number or a variable
  • The Exponent- the power to which the base is raised to.

The exponential form often represents the degree of an equation. The exponents mean the number of times the variable or a number is multiplied with itself.

Example: `x^(2)` is x * x

`2^(4)`= 2*2*2*2= 16

Definition of Exponential Form

Students can learn the definition of exponential form here.

Exponential function can be defined as when a function or number increases at constant rate. The numeric function is called exponential if it is in the form,

[ f(a)=`e^(a)` ]

here a is independent variable.

* e constant value is e = 2.71828183

* Exponential functions are represented by either e or d

The rules for expressing in exponential form are:

1) `x^(a+b)` = `x^(a)` `x^(b)`

2) `x^(ab)` = xab

3) `x^(0)` = 1

4) `x^(-a)` = [1/`x^(a)`]

Calculating Exponentials Online

Students can learn Calculating exponentials online. They can also get help from the online tutors for understanding the steps involved.

Example 1: 270000

here we can see it has four zeroes. Therefore we can write as 27 x 104

 Example 2: Write the number in exponential form in one digit - 13,2000 0000.

 Here it is asked to write in single digit.


 1.32 x `10^(9)`  we can write

 after the 1st digit 2 there were 9 digits.

 so we wrote it as power 9.

Example 3: 63/10000

 let us change denominator to power of 10

 here 10,000 = `10^(4)`

 so 1/10,000 = `10^(-4)`

 then 63/ `10^(4)` can be written as 63 * `10^(-4)`

 or for single digit we write it as [(6.3)*10] *`10^(-4)`

 so 6.3 * `10^(-3)`

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