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Geometrical Figures

In Mathematics, Studying about shapes or figures if the objects in space is very essential. It is very useful for architecture and carpenter. We know that the shape of the earth is sphere. We usually eat cone ice creams. It has got its name as the ice cream is filled in a thing which is in the form of a cone. Probably many of the objects in this space are named with their shapes. Giving the name for the unique shapes is also very important.

Geometric figures cover the definition of geometry. There are many figures associated with geometry with special properties. For example: A closed figure made by joining three non collinear points by a straight line is a triangle.So, a triangle is a closed geometric figure with three sides.

Shape gives the perfection to the object. Some objects may be exactly round and flat. General name given to the objects which are flat and exactly round is called as circle. Some objects may look like a ball. General name given to the objects which look like a ball is called as sphere. Like that there are so many shape with their own appearance and have its own name.

There are so many objects with so many shapes. Circle, triangle, square, cube, cuboid, cone, cylinder, sphere… are some names of the shapes. Each shape has different properties. Studying about the shapes with their properties is called as geometry.

Classification of Geometric Figures:

They are classified under two categories:

  • Flat figures
  • Solid figures

Flat Figures:

The objects which are plane like a paper is called 'Flat objects'. The out sketch of the flat objects may be curved or bounded by straight lines.

The four basic flat figures are circle, triangle, square and rectangle.

ShapeName of the shapeProperties
geometric figures Circle

It is round.

It does not have any corner points.

geometric figuresTriangleIt has three sides.
geometric figuresSquareIt has four equal sides
geometric figuresRectangle

It has four sides.

Opposite sides are equal.

Pick out the Flat Figures:

geometric figures

It has two squares.

It has two circles.

It has one rectangle

It has one triangle.

Solid Figures:

The objects which are rigid or strong is called as 'Solid objects'. There are three terms needed in order to describe a solid object. They are edges, vertices and face. Solid objects are termed as three dimensional objects.

The three basic solid figures are cube, cuboid and sphere.

geometric figures