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How to Divide

In mathematics, ‘divide’ means making a number in to a as many equal portions as possible or dividing the number into as many equal portions as possible. as we already know it is an inverse process of multiplication. The equal parts may be whole numbers, decimals (or fractions) and may even be irrational.We cover this in algebra problems.

If we have to divide one expression with another or a number, the concept is little unique .It is not always be possible to divide into equal parts .In such situations, there is some part of the given expression will be left over which is called as remainder.

Let us take a look how to divide different items.

How to Divide Numbers

As we already discussed , any number can be divided equally , as the process of division is inverse to multiplication , we should have a good understanding of multiplications , which invariably help us in how to divide numbers.

If the dividend is one of the multiple of the divisor, then the quotient will be a whole number and the division is said to be even. For example, let is see how to divide 30 by 5. We know 30 is a multiple of 5, that is 5 x 6 = 30. Therefore, 30 ÷ 6 = 5. And The steps are,

`20/4` = `5` *`4/4` = `5`

In case, the dividend is not a multiple of the divisor as earlier situation, In this kind if cases the quotient may be a decimal , so terminating decimal terms . In the previous situation, normally the decimal terms are rounded to the desired place value..
In this type of situation, always break the dividend into sum of two addends, one is the factor of the divisor. Here is an algebra homework problem which shows How to divide numbers:

Example :`25/4` = `24` +`1/4` =`24/4` + `1/4` = `6` + `0.25` 0 = `6.25`

`10/3` = `9` +`1/3` = `9/3` + `1/3` = `3` + `0.333` = `3.33`

How to Divide Fractions

If we have a fraction in dividend position and a whole number in the divisor position , then the method how to divide fractions is simple.We have to keep the numerator as it is and then just multiply the denominator with the divisor and then we can reduce the given fraction at it's lowest terms

Example: `1/2` `-:` `1/4` = `1/2` *`4` = `1/8`

If the dividend is a fraction and the divisor is also a fraction, then the method how to divide fractions is explained like this. Flip the fraction (means the reciprocal) which is a divisor. Now multiply this fraction with the fraction given as the dividend. Reduce the fraction to the lowest possible terms.

Example: `1/2` `-:` `2/3` = `1/2` * `3/2` = `3/4`

How to Divide Decimals

We have seen dividing numbers and Fractions. We shall now learn the methodology to How to divide decimals.

Any fraction for it's 10th power is known as decimal. Rewrite the given decimal into fraction form and follow the same procedure of dividing fractions. Finally convert back the answer into decimal form. Here is an example to show How to divide decimals:

Example: `0.24/4` = `24/100` `-:` `4` = `24/100` *`4` = `6/100` = `0.06`

How to Divide Polynomials

We shall now learn How to divide polynomials. Polynomials can be divided by numbers otherwise with expressions.However we prefer the long division is what explain the concept how to divide better.

The steps for How to divide polynomials is explained below.

Example: `(2x^2+5x-2)/(x-1)` = ?

`(2x^2+5x-2)/(x-1)`= How to Divide Polynomials

Answer : `(2x+7)` +`5/(x-1)`

The conclusion is how do you divide is same as how to solve division. That is dividing is a process of finding a solution to a division.