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Lines and Angles

In angles and lines, Line is a set of points or a line is made of by using infinite number of points. The following figure shows a line. A line is a one-dimensional figure and has no width or height. A line has only length.


A line is denoted in two ways as shown above.

  1. If we take two points on the line then these points should be in capital, like AB or BA.
  2. If we want a line to denote by a single letter, it should be a small cap.

Line Segment: A line segment is the set of points consisting of A, B, and all points between them. A line segment is written AB or BA


Ray: A ray is a line which has only one direction.

Angles Geometry

When two rays have a common end point, then they form an angle.

The angle formed by the rays AB and AC as shown in the following figure and is denoted by the LBAC or LCAB.


Parallel Lines and Angles

  1. If an angle is 28° less than its complement, find its measurement.
  2. If an angle is 30° more than one half of its complement, find the measurement of the angle.
  3. If an angle is 10 ° less than one half of its complement, find the measurement of the angle.
  4. If the angles (2x – 10)o and (x – 5)o are complementary angles, find x.
  5. In the following figure find the value of y.

Lines and Angle

6. In the following figure,find the values of x and y and then show that AB||CD.

lines and angle

7. Two supplementary angles are in the ratio 4:5. Find the angles.

8. An angles in equal to 8 times its complement. Determine its measure.

9. In the following figure OA and OB are opposite rays:

Aines and Angle

10. If the complement of an angle is equal to the supplement of the thrice of it. Find the measure of the angle.

11. If the supplement of an angle is two-tired of itself. Determine the angle and its supplement.

12. An angles is 14o more then its complementary angle. What is its measure?

13. In Fig. POR and QOR form a linear pair. If a – b = 80, find the value of a and b.

Lines and Angle

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