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Scale Factor

Scale Factor as the name suggest is that which scales some quantity or multiplies some quantity. It is one of the most important math concept and also difficult. Therefore this page will guide you with this concept and try to make it easy. The page flows this way, first introduction to scale factor is given with formula and then moving to the procedure how to find scale factor. Understand this concept and if you find further difficulty you can always connect to an online tutor and get your required help.

What is a Scale Factor

As mentioned above scale factor is that which scales some quantity. Below is explained about what is a scale factor providing you the formula for a better and clear understanding of the whole concept. Thus here is a quality math help for students.

scaling factor= $ \frac{drawing \ length}{actual \ length} $

if the scaling factor <1 then we minimising the size of the picture

scaling factor = 1 then size never changes

scaling factor >1 then the size of picture is then enlarged

consider one meter as one centimeter, it can also be mentioned as 1:100, it means every hundred (100) units is represented as

Scale down

1 unit.

here we got a rectangle which has length of 4mts & width 2mts is scaled to 1:100.

therefore the rectangle on graph has 4centimeter length and 2centimeter width.

1. Simplify scale 10millimeter : 1meter.

10 millimeter : 1meter

10 millimeter :100centimeter

10 millimeter : 1000millimeter


How to Find Scale Factor

Now, let's know how to find scale factor. Below is explained how to find exact measurements using scale:

If the scale is 1 : x then actual distance= x (drawing length)

for the above example picture, the scale = 1:100 and the drawing has a length 4centimeter and width of 2centimeter. Calculate the actual width & length of the given rectangle.

Actual length= 4 centimeter x 100

= 400 centimeter

= 4 meter

Actual width = 2 centimeter x 100

=200 centimeter

= 2meter

Understand the concept of scale factor thoroughly, and finding any difficulty, connect to a tutor now! Get math help and also make your homework easy with the help of subject experts.